Trevor White has always had a passion for baking. The North Ogden resident entered the state fair as a kid and always said he would be opening a bakery after he retired. Well, that dream has come way ahead of its time with the opening of The Dessert Factory, 406 East 2650 North.

White’s wife, Danielle White, was leasing the property for a fitness business, but the location just wasn’t a good fit. The couple decided to keep leasing the property while trying to decide about what to do with it. After a date night just over a year ago, the two weren’t quite ready for their date to end and wanted something sweet before they went home. They couldn’t really find anything close to home so decided to call it a night. As they were driving up 400 East and past the property they both looked at each other and said, “That’s it!” They had the solution to their date night dilemma – a dessert factory. So, they went to work to open the business.

January 12 was their soft opening, but it was so crowded they sold out in just a few hours. “It’s a happy problem to have,” Trevor said with a laugh. 

Crepes have been the hot-selling item since they opened. They sell dessert crepes with fresh berries, Nutella, chocolate and a variety of other things and they’re made to order. “People are loving them,” Trevor said. “They are by far our biggest seller,” he added. The cinnamon rolls are also a hit. He makes two large batches a day – one in the morning and one in the afternoon and the flavors vary between regular, chocolate, orange or whatever he feels like making or has an abundance of that day. There are also other great bakery treats like cookies and cakes too.

Danielle decorates the treats and his son works there and reports to Trevor’s manager, Jake Lund. Trevor loves the decorative touch his wife has put into the small, 111-year-old home. “The feeling of the old home really adds to the charm,” Trevor said. “It used to be the highest house on the hill,” Trevor said of the small home. But it seems to be a perfect spot for a bakery.

They also have big plans for the summer. The Dessert Factory sits on ¾ acre of land, so Trevor will add a small stage and have outdoor seating, so people can come and hang out on summer nights. “We want a place for people to be able to sit and enjoy and just hang out,” he said. Trevor is an entrepreneur and owns a couple of other businesses. He was able to acquire some stage equipment from one of his other businesses, so he will be able to have live music that people will enjoy all spring and summer. “It will really be a great thing,” Trevor said.

He likes the idea of the Dessert Factory being a family place where everyone feels welcome and at home. It also aims to be a great spot for date to satisfy a sweet tooth before heading home.

“My whole thing is that I want people to be able stop in late in the evening on the weekend,” Trevor said. Specials and videos of Trevor baking can be seen on their Facebook page.