In this dynamic and engaging session, participants will learn how to implement practical, combat proven leadership strategies, to create bottom-line results. This will lead your workforce to greater personal and professional success, improving morale and profitability for your organization.

  • Communication and Personality (Effectively communicate intent and direction)

  • Problem Framing (Determine the challenges your company actually faces)

  • Conflict Resolution (More than just yelling, sarcasm, or avoidance)

  • Course of Action Development and War Gaming (Stop spinning your wheels and frustrating your people)

  • Task Delegation and Decentralization (How to get more done by using the abilities of others)

  • Time Management (For those of you who feel you have 65 things to do each day)

  • Training Program Development and Implementation (Yes, your people want to be trained. Let a Gunnery Sergeant show you the best way)

    What You Get:

  • You will utilize the skills learned to train, prepare and coach subordinates to accomplish goals and objectives

  • Networking opportunities

  • Online access to additional tools and resources

  • Engaging interactive tools: shields, armor, swords,

    gas masks and practical tools

  • A Gunnery Sergeant to personally train you