The case for community-centric marketing is compelling, according to a Forbes Magazine article titled, The Power Of Community In Marketing.

“Some of the world's strongest brands were originally built through low-cost community-based marketing,” says the article, listing Nike, Starbucks and Google as just the start of the list.

“When companies focus first on meeting the needs of the people they serve, they don't have to spend big money to attract new customers,” the article goes on to state.

“And when they stay close to their communities they don't need market research to tell them what people want.”

Besides low cost, the Forbes article listed growing loyalty, maintaining authenticity, driving innovation and supporting natural reinvention as reasons to market yourself at community events.

“Local events such as street fairs, holiday markets, parades, art walks, outdoor concerts, and sidewalk sales can be a great place to meet members of your community and introduce them to your business offerings,” said Tabitha Jean Naylor in “Marketing Your Small Business at Local Community Events,” an article in Advertising, Marketing & PRWord-Of-Mouth.

“If you have never attended local events in your community, now is the time to start. Running your own business requires you to be a personable and social person, so starting small at local events in your hometown can offer you the skills you need to learn to progress into attending much larger events.”

An article by titled, How To Find Events And Clubs In Your Community, offers suggestions on how to find events that will give your business exposure.

The suggestions include looking at search engines, alternative newspapers, walking around the city, visiting websites of venues that hold events, paying attention to flyers and bulletin boards, consulting a university’s listing of clubs, teams and organizations, visiting a community center or its website and looking on a city websites.

The Union Station Foundation has a number of upcoming events where local businesses can participate through booths and displays.

Sept. 24, the foundation will hold its first-ever golf tournament and has attracted some of the most affluent members of the community.

Hole sponsorships that originally went for $500 now are available for $400.

Booths are available at concerts Oct. 11 featuring Colt 46 and Nov. 8 featuring Saddle Strings are available for $25.

A three day event, Cowboy Christmas, will fill the Union Station with community booths. For 6;100, organizations will be exposed to concert goers, shoppers and Western enthusiasts all day both Nov. 16 and 17.

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