Having worked with lavender for much of her life, it’s safe to say that Carli Brewer knows good lavender when she picks it. “I grew up by Seattle, and there’s a ton of lavender farms up there. I would work there and help harvest. But, when we moved here, I didn’t think it would grow because of the elevation. We planted a few, and they survived, so I started selling the fresh lavender at the Eden Farmer’s Market,” Brewer recalled.

After that, she went into business with her parents and created Lavender Hill about 15 years ago. As any new business owner would tell you, it was hectic. “We’d do the Ogden, Salt Lake City and Park City Farmer’s Markets every week. We would do holiday shows and antique shows, even Swiss Days up in Heber. It was a lot,” she said. But, after she had kids, they slowed down and now she only does the Eden Farmer’s Market sparingly. Although her attendance at the markets dwindled, the loyal clientele she built up continued to purchase her products regularly.

But Lavender Hill is not just fresh and dried lavender. Brewer has created a slew of bath and body products that use the fragrant herb. “We have lotions, mists, body spray, bath bombs, cuticle bombs, lip balm, tub teas, hot teas and saches,” Brewer said. They even have lavender chocolate in both milk and dark varieties. While Brewer says most of her products sell online, you can also find them in some local stores, like Rainbow Gardens, the Ogden Nature Center and Simply Eden.

Brewer is a one-woman show working as the gardener, grower, accountant and product creator for her business — not to mention web developer. But it all started because her son had an allergy to fragrances. “Trying to find a fragrance free soap was really difficult, and I figured it shouldn’t be that difficult. So that’s when I started making my own soaps and planting more herbs and produce in my garden,” Brewer explained. “A lot of my work in the garden comes from a need to have natural, healthy products and foods.”

Brewer has bold plans for expanding her business. After finishing some construction on the property, she plans to hold regular classes for the public and, potentially, own her own farm stand where the public can stop by and buy everything their lavender-loving heart desires—and even pick their own herbs right from the garden. Right now, Lavender Hill is open for tours and classes by appointment only. You can buy fresh lavender when in season and dried lavender year round.

Do yourself a favor and, when you visit Lavender Hill, ask for some of Brewer’s amazing lavender lemonade.