Lisa Stokes loved shopping at Chic Style Clothing Boutique in South Ogden, so when the opportunity came up to buy it last December, she was tempted. They had a proven track record, being in business since 2009, but Stokes didn’t have a lot of experience in retail sales. That’s where her husband, Shane Veltri, came in. He had extensive retail experience and encouraged them to take the leap.

“The opportunity was presented to us to take over and he was all in,” Stokes said. She still felt hesitant, her only retail experience helping at Treasure Basket boutique during the holidays. She had worked from home for 15 years and was raising her two children as a single mom. “It was a little scary for me,” Stokes noted.  But Veltri gave her the encouragement to try the new venture and she has been working hard and loving it ever since.

Plus, the timing was right with her oldest daughter in college and her son in high school. She has more time to devote to making a business outside the home successful. Stokes’ husband does the financial side and she does the day to day taking care of and managing the store.

“It’s fine for us to work together,” she said of the partnership. They have their own roles and it works well for the couple.

There were a couple of other things that gave her confidence – her love of talking to people and her love of fashion. “Working from home I didn’t have a lot of interaction with people,” she added.  But she could always make friends quickly at her kids’ soccer games and she has a knack for seeing the good in others, a great skill in the retail industry.

Stokes doesn’t see herself as a fashionista but has always liked looking through fashion magazines and following people in fashion. “I never really thought of myself as fashionable, but I really enjoy what I’m doing now,” she said happily.

There have been some obstacles – knowing what people want has been a challenge. “I want to please everyone. I want people to come and feel like there is something there for them,” Stokes said. Stokes explained that she loves it when someone finds the perfect thing and leaves excited and happy.

One thing she always loved about shopping at Chic Style is the unique inventory, which they plan to keep up. “You won’t find the same things at the mall,” she said. Their range in inventory is wide, especially considering it’s a small boutique-type store. She sells everything ranging from  clothes and accessories to shoes and various gift items. Gift items include candles, lotions and even different types of unique candy. Prices range anywhere from $10 to $200, so Stokes feels like there is literally something for every taste, season and occasion. “I try to have something for everyone,” Stokes commented.

“I always try hard to find different clothes, accessories and gifts,” Stokes said. “I always have loved supporting local small businesses and now that I own one I really see the value even more.”