Allegiant Air, a commercial air carrier that serves the Ogden Airport (OGD), will suspend its nonstop air service to Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) effective March 5, 2018. Allegiant Air’s nonstop service from Ogden to Phoenix/Mesa (AZA) is unaffected by this change and will continue year-round service with two flights per week. Ogden City remains committed to developing commercial air service at the Ogden Airport by expanding the range of air carriers, routes and schedules offered.

With changes in the airline industry, and the expansion at the Salt Lake International Airport (SLC), Ogden City will be updating the strategic plan for commercial air service development at the Ogden Airport. The focus will be on attracting regularly scheduled, regional flights that complement existing commercial service in Northern Utah.

“In addition to supporting general aviation and aerospace/aviation-related business development at the Ogden Airport, Ogden City is working to successfully expand the airport’s diversity of air carriers and routes to meet traveler demands,” said Mark Johnson, Chief Administrative Officer for Ogden City. “Commercial service is an important economic factor to help secure significant additional funding from the FAA, and generate revenue for reinvestment in the Ogden Airport.”

A market assessment prepared in 2015 evaluated passenger booking data and determined that more than 25 percent of the passenger bookings in the Salt Lake City market are originating within the catchment area for the Ogden Airport. Ogden City will continue to develop relationships with air carriers that will partner with the City and invest in building the region’s market for commercial service.

“Regular commercial air service at the Ogden Airport is an important economic driver for our region,” said Tom Christopulos, Director of Community & Economic Development for Ogden City. “Development of commercial service will target flights that provide convenient travel for Ogden’s businesses, in addition to leisure and vacation travelers.”