From the time he was a child, Daniel Buckway has been well-acquainted with the carpet business. When he was a young boy, he would often ride along in the truck with his dad, Dallas Buckway, Jr. as he was making carpet deliveries and picking up carpet. When Daniel was about 12 years old, he started helping tear carpet out of homes. Then when he was 18, he began installing carpet and then selling carpet at the family-owned store, which at that time,  was located in West Haven.

“Carpet’s been in my blood my whole life,” he said.

Americarpets, the family business, has been around for three generations. Daniel’s grandfather, Dallas Buckway, Sr., started the business more than 35 years ago. The location of the business has changed over the years, but it’s always been run by a member of the Buckway family. Dan’s father, Dallas Buckway, Jr. eventually took over the business.

The Americarpets store in West Haven was open until 2011, at which time the Buckway’s operated out of a store in Layton that is owned by another family member. In 2016, Daniel, his brother Clifton and his dad Dallas, Jr., decided to open a new store at 4001 S. Riverdale Rd. in Riverdale.

Daniel’s main responsibility is sales; Clifton focuses on marketing and some sales; and Dallas, Jr. is in charge of accounts and labor crews.

The company’s slogan is “Making Your Home Beautiful,” and Daniel said that’s exactly why he loves being in the carpet business.

“I love making people’s homes beautiful. I love putting in a new floor and seeing the project when it’s finished. I loved doing that when I was a kid working with my dad. Flooring makes such a huge difference in homes.”

In the years before he went into business with his dad and brother, Daniel said he learned a lot from his previous jobs. At R.C. Willey, where he worked for several years, he learned that customer service is key.

“When we opened our store, we made it a goal to provide the best customer service. I take pride in teaching people about the product and making sure they understand what they're buying. Even if they don’t purchase from me, at least they’ve been educated by me. There’s a lot more to flooring than cost.”

Over the years, the Buckway’s have seen flooring trends come and go. Daniel said every 3 to 5 years, color trends will change. He adds that carpet colors tend to mirror the popular colors in fashion. Currently grays are huge. And browns always remain popular, he said.

Americarpets sells more than just carpet, Daniel said. They also sell tile, laminate, wood floor and vinyl planks. Currently waterproof laminate is in high demand. They have commercial and residential clients.

Daniel said one of the biggest assets Americarpets has is his dad’s expertise in installing flooring.

“My dad has been an installer for 35-plus years. He knows how to install every type of flooring. That’s a huge asset for us. We wouldn’t be successful to this day if we didn’t have that. When my dad does a job, it seems to turn out wonderfully.”

Marketing is a huge part of running a small business, and according to Daniel, his brother Clifton is a genius in that department.

“He knows how to get the client, how to find the right client, how to search for the right client.”

Facebook, mailers and networking groups are also a big part of the company’s marketing strategy.

“We do giveaways on Facebook,” Daniel said, noting that they plan to do giveaways in spring, summer, fall and winter. “We like giving back.”

“We really are trying to get ourselves out there so people know we are here. We’ve set goals and have been able to reach them. We hope to continue to meet our goals.”

Daniel said having $1.5 million in sales and also hiring someone to work in the store doing customer service are his main goals for 2018.

“My grandfather told me something when I was little. He said, ‘Daniel, get a job that you love, that you have a passion for.’”

He said he feels blessed that he has that kind of job and looks forward to continuing to make homes beautiful in the Ogden area for many years to come.