The Annual Dinner. The Annual Gala. The Gala. Weber County’s premier business event has many names, but it also has many reasons to attend.

You like a bit of excitement.

You'll find more than a "bit" of excitement at the 2018 Ogden-Weber Chamber Annual Gala. The awards, the elegance of Peery’s Egyptian Theater, the excuse to dress like a movie star for a night, the After Party…you won’t want to miss this chance to celebrate, see and be seen.

You don't like the same-old, same-old.

We like to think of the Annual Gala as same-new. There's some of the same, but a lot of the new, and it's going to be fabulous.

You actually like to network at events.

You've attended plenty of events where you're stuck at your table and networking is anything but easy. It goes a little something like this: You see someone a few tables over that you want to talk to. You wave at them and tell yourself to find them before they slip out. The program ends and you lose sight of them. You lose your chance to reconnect. You were only able to network with the nine people at your table, most of whom you already knew. It's frustrating.

The 2018 Annual Gala sidesteps these problems with the first-ever Gala After Party. Now, after the program, you’ll have the freedom to explore and the time to talk to any guest you’d like to. Plus, you can eat and drink while you do it!

You don’t like THOSE events.

You’re at THAT event. You know, the one with that guy up on stage who keeps talking… and talking… and talking. Meanwhile, you're stuck at your table poking at that sad dessert that’s been sitting there even longer than you have. The person to your left still hasn’t found the end of their Facebook feed. The person to your right might be asleep; it’s hard to tell. You’ve lost the feeling in your left foot because you’ve been sitting there for five hours…well, it feels like five hours.

The 2018 Annual Gala is not THAT event. It’s everything that event is not. Come to celebrate the friends you know who are nominated for an award. Come to make new friends. Stay and celebrate. Stay and make memories in an awesome social atmosphere filled with great live music, people, and delicious eats and drinks.

We promise you won’t be stranded at a table with sad desserts and sleeping neighbors.

Learn more. You know you want to come.