ENVE has been manufacturing premium level carbon fiber cycling wheels and components in Ogden for 10 years. AmerSports, which is also headquartered in Ogden purchased ENVE in spring of 2016 and AmerSports became their parent company.

According to the ENVE website, their rims and wheelsets are manufactured by hand in their new Ogden facility which is state-of-the-art.

Jake Pantone, Marketing Director for ENVE, said Ogden is a great fit for them. “Personally, I’m from the area so having a job in what I consider to be one of the greatest outdoor recreation places on earth is a huge win for myself as well as for the people who work here,” Pantone said. He noted that Ogden and all of Northern Utah is the perfect test space for their products, too. Plus, Ogden’s emphasis on being a biking community doesn’t hurt either. “We really enjoy the work we’ve done with the city. We couldn’t have accomplished all that we have without their support,” Pantone said.

Because ENVE manufactures bike parts and materials, they are heavily invested in the overall promotion of cycling as a sport in the Ogden community. They are also very committed to building the infrastructure required to boost Ogden and surrounding Weber County to be a top-notch place to be a cyclist. The company is growing successfully in the community.

Pantone said Enve works with The Bike Shoppe, 4390 Washington Boulevard, to get their retail products in the local area. The Bike Shoppe has the right expertise with their products and are also able to demonstrate their products so customers know how they work and how top-of-the-line they are. “We also sell direct to consumer via ENVE.com,” Pantone said. “For those locally who decide to ride ENVE, you’ll not only be riding the best product in the world, but we can provide unprecedented levels of service and support since we are located here in Ogden.”