Alpine Sports is now open for the season and when you go in, you’ll see some subtle changes. One thing that won’t change is the newest brands, fashions and of course, the customer service people from all over the globe have come to love for the last 62 years.

Jenny Bradshaw, buyer and brand manager for Alpine, said they always work to keep their ski/snowboard and winter shop current with fashions, trends and equipment. What’s most important, though, is the customer.

“Every customer is important. We are so heavily involved in customer service,” Bradshaw said. Every employee is trained on every item in the store so whatever time of day customers come in, they know they are getting the best information and will have the best buying experience. And that buying experience isn’t just about the Utah or Ogden market. “We are checking international trends,” Bradshaw said. “We love Ogden and want to bring the very best here,” she added.

Their location, just off 31st at 1165 Patterson has proven to be a good space for them because they are located close to the mouth of Ogden Canyon and people know they’re there. “We started in one part of the building and now we’ve expanded to the whole space,” Bradshaw said.

Customers will enjoy new flooring when they go in this season. As customers came in over Labor Day, many knew there was something different, but couldn’t identify it. “We like that. We like that they notice an improvement but it still feels like Alpine,” Bradshaw said.

Bobbie Chambers, the original owner and founder, passed away last fall. Alpine is still owned and operated by the Chambers, though, and is currently on its third generation in the family.

“The family continues to carry on a wonderful tradition of customer service with its clientele and great reputation,” she said. They like to provide the ultimate shopping experience and like to treat their customers like close friends and family.

“We spend a lot of time catching up this time of year because we know a lot of our customers,” Bradshaw said. What a lot of people may not know, is that they cater to non-skiers and snowboarders too. “There may be a spouse who doesn’t ski but comes in while their spouse is being fitted for their boots and they want to shop around,” she said. They have kitchen gadgets, home décor and interesting items for all interests.

Alpine Sports also offers a robust rental service. “Kids are always growing out of their stuff so it really works for some families to rent their kids’ stuff every year during that growing phase,” she said. They try to offer great rental rates to make the sport more affordable for families.

They also have plenty of rental options for adults. If people are just getting back into the sport or trying it for the first time, renting equipment is a good option “Then when they decide they like it, we can fit them with the best stuff possible to meet their needs,” Bradshaw noted.

The other thing Alpine Sports loves about Ogden is the outreach opportunities. They provide sponsorships for the Snowbasin ski team and like to be involved in other local winter programs. They even sell reduced-rate ski passes for local resorts right at Alpine. “We are passionate about the outdoors and so are our customers. We like to be active in the community,” Bradshaw said.