By Scott Gaisbauer, Owner/Operator

Gaisbauer Concrete, LLC was officially established in May 2014. After 25+ years of working in the Concrete/Excavating industry. After working with the local companies for so many years I found myself at a crossroads in 2014 and had a decision to make.

My wife and I spoke about me going out on my own, I had the experience and knowledge. What I didn’t have was the working capital or equipment that I needed. It didn’t matter. I knew I could provide something those other companies could not. So, I started with a truck, a small trailer with some forms, a compactor and approximately $4,000 and I took that leap of faith.

I believe it’s the relationships you create, grow and sustain along with the superior quality service you provide to each customer whether it be a small homeowner’s RV Pad or a commercial companies basement, it’s still about the quality of work and the customer service you provide.  

I am very proud to say that here we are 3yrs 4mo’s in and we employee 3 others besides myself and my wife and our accountant. I have never missed a payroll, a payment with a vendor or taken any shortcuts to try and get ahead or beat the competition, or the federal government with my taxes.

My integrity is the compass that guides me and I’m a believer that taking the high road is always the best way to handle the ones that don’t play fair, that honesty is still the best policy and that no matter the situation keep faith in knowing that what I give has always been returned X 10.

We just condensed 3 storages units' worth of tools and supplies into one, we now have 3 work trucks and 4 trailers and a Backhoe. We now carry contracts through some large commercial homebuilders and we take care of our employees as they have given so much to remain loyal and take a huge risk themselves by coming with us since day one.

What makes us different than the competition is the customer service we provide & the pride we take in the quality of work we provide to our customers. The relationships we develop whether it’s the homeowner or large commercial company owner, they mean a great deal to us and we believe it shows in how we treat our customers.

We have learned so much along the way, sometimes at a great expense. We grow in knowledge by the obstacles we face and overcome, and I wouldn’t change a thing. I don’t see myself ever working for someone else again. Even If I remain a small company with a small client base. I am happy with our success, even happier that we did it with the integrity we have and didn’t have to compromise that to gain success.