The Intermountain North Ogden Clinic has been selected as the business of the month by North Ogden City Mayor, Brent Taylor. 

The clinic has been operating for more than 20 years in its current location and has recently made upgrades to provide better and safer access for patients taking public transportation. "The clinic now has a sidewalk that connects to the bus stop," says Krystal Madsen, Practice Director, who mentions that the previous location was difficult to access and a potential safety hazard. The clinic partnered with the city to improve the location, with upgrades that include a glass shelter and artwork on the bench. "The new landing and shelter provides much safer access to public transportation." 

In another effort to reach out to the community, the clinic has worked closely with the city to coordinate and develop a walking trail around the field behind the building, which is integrated into the North Ogden City trail system. "The trail helps staff as well as the community get outside and be healthier," says Krystal. "We see people walking on the trail throughout the day." Later this year the clinic is adding motivational signage and trail distance markers. 

Other community involvement includes supporting the North Ogden City July 4th Cherry Days festivities. The clinic sponsors an annual 5K fun run that starts and ends at the facility, first aid and hydration stations, as well as staff and physicians participating in the race and parade. 

The clinic is very busy with over 100 caregivers, and the highest patient volumes of any Instacare in Weber and Davis counties. Staff includes eleven family medicine physicians, three OB/GYN's, a nurse practitioner, and over a dozen InstaCare providers. Two to three physicians staff the North Ogden InstaCare seven days a week "We've had many renovations over the years and the clinic continues to grow to meet community needs," says Krystal. She notes that the facility provides many services to patients in addition to family medicine, including physical therapy, pharmacy, laboratory, women's health, radiology, digital mammography, ultrasound, and immunizations. 

Intermountain North Ogden Clinic 2400 N Washington Blvd (400 E) North Ogden, 84414. Phone: 801-786-7500 Hours and directions: