OGDEN – The Utah Department of Transportation Department announces that a public comment period is now open for the review and comment on the preliminary recommended alternative for improvements to SR-30 between SR-23 and 1000 West (SR-252) in Logan. 

The SR-30 Environmental Impact Study (EIS) team has completed a Level 1 screening of twelve initial alternatives and a Level 2 screening of the five alternatives that passed Level 1.  UDOT Project Manager Rod Terry said the team has identified alternative “6E” as the Preliminary Recommended Alternative for further evaluation in the process.  The public is invited to comment on this preliminary recommendation, with the comment period ending Friday, April 28.

Terry said Alternative “6E” includes a mix of two, three, and four lanes plus 12 ft. shoulders, intersection turn lanes and a 14 ft. center median with raised barrier between SR-23 and 1900 West.  Between 1900 West and 1000 West, alternative “6E” includes a five-lane urban configuration with sidewalks, park strips and 12 ft. shoulders. 

“The team believes Alternative 6E meets all the requirements of the purpose and need for this study, and has the best chance to successfully advance through the federal EIS process,” Terry said.

Terry said a detailed illustration of Alternative “6E”, along with a complete description of the other alternatives considered, the screening process and results is available for review on the study web site at www.udot.utah.gov/SR30study. Also available on the site is a description of possible alternatives for bicycle and pedestrian facilities in the corridor.  

UDOT began preparing the study last summer to identify improvements that may address current and long-term traffic congestion and safety needs on SR-30, which is known locally as the Valley View Highway.  The study area runs from SR-252 (1000 West) in Logan to SR-23 in Petersboro.  The study is considering all possible improvement options and methods to reduce congestion and improve safety, including those for various modes of transportation.  The study is scheduled for completion by spring 2018.

For more general information about the study, contact UDOT project manager, Rod Terry, at (801) 620-1686, or consult the study web page at udot.utah.gov/SR30study.  Comments on the study can be submitted via email to SR30study@utah.gov