How Influencer Marketing Can Help You Gain a Better ROI!

First and foremost, what is influencer marketing? ... and how can technology accelerate a solid influencer marketing approach for your business? A lot of us must have heard about the concept and how it can help businesses channel growth in a certain direction. But, what is the whole idea all about? Basically, this idea pertains to a certain kind of marketing where you are targeting only a certain section of the society or key individuals to spread out the word or message for you, instead of aiming for the whole market. What this does is streamline your marketing avenues such that you have more requirement-specific products and marketing strategies. An influencer is basically an individual (or a company) that has a very wide-spread reach online. Big bloggers. Big "YouTube-ers" ... really anyone that has a large network following them that a message can be spread to.

So, that is the basic idea of influencer marketing. The next big question is, why should you opt for this kind of marketing? Here are some reasons to illustrate the effects of influencer marketing on your business.

  • Word of mouth marketing is powerful

There is no doubt that potential customers or clients tend to go more by personal experiences than marketing strategies. Also, studies show that word of mouth marketing has a 35-40% higher retention rate. So, this form of marketing can be a very powerful tool.

  • Making use of the social media

It is a known fact that the social media is growing in leaps and bounds and has become one of the strongest platforms for marketing. It has become rather easy to connect with potential clients and spread the word about the business. This is a great way to make your presence felt through influencer marketing. This is the reason why so many brands are working towards enhancing their social media picture.

  • Conventional advertisements are going out of style

On an average, a human being is exposed to a few hundreds of advertisements on a daily basis. But they fail to remember the last ad they saw or the brand associated with it. Unconsciously, the consumers are turning a blind eye to the paid, conventional advertisements. Thus, it is time to resort to influencer marketing and opt for a word of mouth strategy.

In such a scenario, Idea8ion is a name that can prove to be rather useful for your business. We are a Utah-based marketing firm with a tremendous knowledge and experience in the field of marketing, specializing in influential marketing. Our workflow is very organized but unique in nature. We treat each client individually, we make it a point to sit down with the client personnel, understand the business situation and trace out the possible challenges keeping in mind the objectives. 

By means of Influencer marketing, we also make use of our reputation as a firm in Utah and spread out the message about your products or services to the target audience. This saves you a lot of marketing costs because the strategies are now more streamlined and channeled along a single direction. Imagine one if you could get 32,000 sample requests in just 4 days... or skyrocket impressions in the 109 million range in just 4 weeks! All kinds of exciting results are possible with influencer s talking about your product or service!

If it's time to up-level your marketing, gathering Brand Ambassadors can be a bit challenging if you do not already have those relationships. Begin by reaching out to large influencers that you might already be connected to online & begin to follow, like, comment, share, post content of these influencers you're getting connected to. That will go a long way in attracting their attention & letting them know you're interested in them a little bit more than just getting some help with your marketing.

Also, when it comes to payment. Influencers vary in shape & size & so should your budget for your influencers. The larger the network & more eye balls they can attract for you, the more you can justify paying them. Some also love to exchange part trade for products/services & part cash. That can also be a very big win in most cases.

Thanks as always for reading!