Ogden – The Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT) announces that the second phase of the Ogden Canyon Transportation Use Study is complete, and a final report is now available to the public.

Over the past year, the Ogden Canyon Study team reviewed preliminary comments received from the public.  It also met extensively with people and organizations that had specific concerns about the transportation options needed, or other concerns in the canyon.  The Phase II report presents the final results of the study and the process by which they were determined, and is now available for review on the study website at udot.utah.gov/ogdencanyonstudy.

During Phase II, the study team used information collected in the first phase to develop practicable concepts that could meet transportation needs and minimize impacts.  Focus groups made up of people who live, work, travel, and recreate in Ogden Canyon were formed to evaluate these concepts and give input.  Representatives of local government and other agencies also participated in evaluating the concepts and providing feedback.  A public open house was held on April 28, where study results were presented and additional public comment was gathered.

For comparison, the Phase I report is also available at the study website shown above.  In Phase I, completed in September 2015, the study team met with residents, business owners, and other stakeholders in Ogden Canyon. An online survey was also conducted, which received over 900 responses and provided valuable information about the needs of canyon from the perspective of residents and visitors, and assisted in developing a general vision for potential canyon improvements.

In Phase I the study team also collected and analyzed existing reports and studies, evaluated existing and potential safety concerns, measured traffic volumes, resident and property owner needs, economic needs, multi-modal uses (biking, truck traffic, pedestrian, transit), recreational uses, environmental concerns, and geotechnical/geologic concerns. The primary purpose of the first phase was to use this data and information to develop a plan concerning future canyon transportation needs.

Stakeholders or others with questions about this report can contact the study team by calling the study hotline at 801-337-5544, or by sending an email to ogdencanyonstudy@utah.gov