Denis Petersen started Petersen Inc. (known as Specialized Welding at the time) in his garage in 1961 by offering welding services to the local residents and local companies. He did not envision that 55 years later the company would transform into over 1.3 million square feet of world class manufacturing, specialized fabrication, precision machining, and 3PLwarehouse and distribution facilities, but that is exactly what it has become.

Denis Petersen, a remarkably gifted welder by trade and master craftsman, started his career with Murdock, Marquardt, and Flameco. In an effort to help support his young family financially, Denis started offering weld services in the garage of his home in Farr West, UT and worked evenings after completing his full-time job. Denis enlisted his family in the business. His wife Taunya ran the finances, his daughters helped wherever they could, and he taught his son Steve to weld at the age of 12 and he was certified at the age of 14. As the business grew, Steve convinced his father that the business would be successful and Denis left his full-time employment to pursue the dreams of Petersen Specialized Fabricators. It was then that the company grew from custom welding services to fabricating products as well- and the rest is history. Steve Petersen, his son and entrepreneur, grew the company with the help of his father and dedicated employees into a global company with headquarters in Farr West, UT and locations in Ogden, Utah and Pocatello, Idaho.

Denis "retired" from the company but would often be seen around the facilities welding, working on special projects, and driving around in his golf cart just keeping an eye on things. He would often be involved in technical discussions and instructions of the fabrication of very complicated projects. Denis was also a very gifted fabricator and had the ability and experience to build about anything. Employees remember him always having a joke, a poem, or story to share with any he came in contact with. His infectious smile, his tenacious work ethic, and humble personality made a visit from him the highlight of the day.

The 485 Petersen Inc. employees, the community in which he lived and worked, and the many friends and family of Denis Petersen are appreciative of the legacy that he left, and are committed to carry the vision and "The Petersen Way" of doing business which he inspired, forward for many years to come.